Wedding Dresses Inspired by Celebs

Wedding Dresses Inspired by Celebs

Wedding dress trends are often inspired by the celebs who take such big risks with their fashion. We all pay attention to them; we all want to know who’s wearing what. Young brides in particular look up to celebrity brides as inspiration for fashion. So, lets talk about some wedding dresses inspired by celebs to get you even more excited for your big day! 

Coral Simanovich

Coral Simanovich was photographed on her special day wearing a beautiful A-line gown! Her gown was floor length and sinched at the waste. The top of it featured beautiful rosettes that even flowed over her off the shoulder sleeve caps! Underneath the florets was a nude mesh material that shows off and highlighted her figure. It was similar to the exposed corsette trends we’re seeing in 2022, but a bit more romantic and elegant! Her gown was an off-white, not a bright, sterile white, which complimented her skin tone beautifully. 



Daniela Pik

Daniela Pik actually wore two wedding dresses on her special day! She had her ceremony dress and her reception dress. Her ceremony dress was a bit more elegant and featured a strapless, heart-shaped neckline. The dress was A-line shaped and made from a glossy fabric that glistened in the lights! She had no fancy add-ons to her dress because she didn’t need them. Her day was about her shining, not her dress. It was simple and elegant, but far from boring. She looked stunning 

Her reception dress kept that same nod to simplicity but in a sheath-style. This gown was made from a matte material with straps. It fit her like a glove and flowed beautifully over her body! It was similar to a slip dress, but a bit more formal for her reception. 



Hailey Bieber

Hailey went all out for her big day and had three dresses! She had her ceremony gown, and then two reception gowns. She looked stunning in all three, but let’s break them down. 

Hailey’s ceremony gown was absolutely breathtaking. She wore a mermaid style gown with off-the-shoulder long sleeves. The gown featured a corset bodice and was entirely covered in free flowing, floral lace. Beneath the lace was a white sheer underlay that gave the dress a sexy yet elegant feel. She also wore a veil that matched the style of the dress. This dress had a train a mile long! Well, not literally, but it was long and stunning!

The first of her reception dresses featured a halter top neckline with a mermaid-like fit, but not as formfitting. It looked incredible on her. The dress was white and had a pick-up/slit on one side to show off her legs. It touched the floor but didn’t drag too much to allow for some beautiful entrance photos and first dance pictures! 

Her third and final dress of the evening was a sheath-style gown, very simple and sleek. It touched the floor but didn’t drag and she wore that dress with sneakers!  This was her dancing dress! She was ready to party and since the dress had straps, she was free to go a little crazy on her special day!



Final Thoughts

These celebs had a few things in common on their special day. They all love the traditional white gown, and they all enjoy simplicity coupled with modern twists. Whether you’re going all out like Hailey or keeping it simple like Daniela, you can’t go wrong. It’s your day after all, wear what ever you want to wear! 

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