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"The gowns I prefer are those I have created for a life that does not yet exist, the world of tomorrow." - Elia Vatine

Since the dawn of humanity, the family structure and traditions have been at the heart of our multi cultural existence. And in that fundamental sense, today is no different than it was 500 years ago. Everything we do, in our personal or professional lives, is aimed at benefiting, improving and building our collective and individual vision for a better life on this planet. We are born into families, like flowers in a garden, growing and blooming into our fullest most realised form, then we uproot ourselves and find a naked piece of land to start and sow our own flower garden, alongside that beautiful, kind, loving partner of yours...

The delight we take at "ELIA VATINE" in assisting each and every bride we meet while making her feel heard, seen, and cared for, is the reason we get up each and every morning, though the vision of the beautiful, mesmerising bride who stands before us at the studio fittings, is the reason we come back.

We invite you to use our expertise and immaculate taste level, to help you create the Wedding Dress for your happily ever after...Mazal Tov!