Which Dress is Best for Which Location?

Which Dress is Best for Which Location?

When it comes to wedding dresses, choosing the best one is about more than just what looks good on you. Your dress needs to also suit the location of your wedding. A dress for a sandy beach wedding will likely look out of a place if your wedding is happening in a church, for example! So, how do you know what to choose? Which dress is best for which location?

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are known for their romantic, blissful, and relaxed feel. You want a dress that reflects that. Your wedding dress for a beach wedding should incorporate elements of move ability to reflect those brief moments of wind. A dress that is lightweight and breathable is also ideal as you’ll be outdoors, likely in the sun. You want something that you aren’t going to sweat too much in and something that can pick up the soft ocean breezes! 

Oftentimes, brides who are having a beach wedding also enjoy a dress that reflects the natural elements around them. For example, a dress that is delicate and ethereal with embroidered flowers and a slit in the base of the gown. Some touches of mesh nude lace allow for breathability and a goddess-like look!

Beach wedding 1

Beach wedding 2

Church / Synagogue Weddings

Churches are one of the most common wedding locations today. They offer a romantic, formal, and personal touch to a wedding service. Since this location is more formal, the look of your dress should adhere to such elements. For example, gowns with long trains or an all-over lace profile make excellent options for church weddings. 

Your gown should reflect your personal style, but also the rules of the church, which is something you’ll need to look into. Many brides prefer wedding dresses with long sleeves for church weddings, as this is a more private venue. A dress that is traditional with modern accents will be your best bet for a church wedding!

Church - synagogue 1

Church - synagogue 2

Church - synagogue 3

Church - synagogue 4

Church - synagogue 5

Dessert Wedding

Desserts are one of the most beautiful and elegant settings to have an outdoor wedding. There are a few factors you want to keep in mind though when picking a wedding dress for your dessert weddings. 

  • The sand
  • The wind
  • The heat

These are three factors that heavily affect the wedding dress you’ll wear on your special day! Your wedding in the desert is, of course, surrounded by sand. There’s no way around that in a dessert! However, that’s often the reason women choose dessert weddings. So, you’ll need a dress that you won’t mind getting a little sandy, but that also won’t collect the sand as you’re walking down the aisle and dancing in the sun! A dress with lace/mesh along the bottom can help with this. 

Additionally, desserts are often filled with wind, which can push sand around, but also makes for beautiful photographs! Choosing a dress with a little bit of moveability can add an elegant and romantic touch to your photographs. You don’t want a dress that’ll move too much, though, as you still want the dress to contour your body and show you off! 

The heat is the last factor you want to consider here. Desserts, no matter the time of year, are hot. So, you’ll need a dress made from a lightweight, breathable fabric. One that is sleeveless or even strapless is fantastic!

Desert wedding 1

Desert wedding 2

Garden Wedding

Gardens make beautiful backdrops for weddings. With a wide range of natural elements like flowers or trees, you want a specific kind of dress for this location. Garden weddings often consist of a color scheme, such as earth tones of tan, grey, and white. You want a gown for a garden wedding that will blend in with your scenery, but also keep you as the center of attention and focus. Your garden wedding dress should be airy, light, moveable, and even delicate. You want to be the star, not the flowers, but you still want your dress to make sense with the background. 

A wedding dress that contains airy slits up one side and delicate lace looks beautiful with the background of the leaves and plants. Garden weddings are also outdoors, so having an off-the-shoulder dress can provide that little bit of warmth while still looking ethereal. A corset-style bodice adds that extravagant piece you need to ensure you are the focus.

Garden wedding 1

Garden wedding 2

Hall Wedding

Hall weddings are known for their simplicity. They are neither extravagant nor traditional. They are for brides who want to have a wedding that is special to them, but maybe doesn’t’ have all those fancy bells and whistles! For a hall wedding, you want your gown to fit the theme of simplicity.

Many brides enjoy matte wedding dresses for their hall wedding that provide a sleek and contoured look. Short trains add that elegant feel without being too over the top. Additionally, hall weddings are indoors, so you want a dress that is good for an indoor-temperature, such as a long dress but with thin straps that you can throw a shawl over if it gets a little chilly!

Hall wedding 1

Hall wedding 2

Hall wedding 3

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